The sun. It is what brings light and warmth to our lives. It makes our gloomy days more jubilant and jovial. What would life be like without the sun? Without the sun, the world would be dark and depressing. There would be no life, and Earth would be cold and uninhabitable. The world is dynamic and full of dimension, and without the sun, this fact would not be fulfilled. The sun brings optimism into this situation. It radiates the necessary light and warmth to the world to sustain everything living on it. Its luminous rays beam down on us and fill us with energy. ​
The moon. Earth’s only natural satellite, 238,857 miles away, orbits the Earth every 27.3 days. That is what the moon is scientifically. Facts are facts but the moon represents something different for everyone. In my pictures, I tried to make the moon represent misery and sorrow through portraits. I also tried to represent simplicity by making my photos very straightforward and simple. You will see that I have no physical pictures of the moon. I did this because I felt that I couldn’t reflect what I am trying to represent with landscapes as I could with portraits. With my pictures I tried to shoot things in relation to the moon that could also tie into the theme, both emotionally and visually. ​
When you look up at the stars, what do you think? This answer varies from person to person. Some see individuality in the stars; others just see the beautiful night sky. Stars offer us direction when all else seems bleak. While they emit very little light, stars spark a fire in the human mind. Imagination is that fire and since the dawn of time, we have looked upwards in search of meaning.
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